[WGSS Locker Map]

Welcome to the locker management system for Walnut Grove Secondary School.


User ID = Student Number

Password = First letter of your first name and last name (example:  Lisa-Marie Fraser = LF) and your student number (i.e. LF12345)

NOTE: If you have outstanding library/textbooks or fees from the last school year, you must have this cleared before you will be able to select a locker. To check if you have outstanding books/fees from 2017-18, please sign-in to your School Cash online account.

The online management system opens as per indicated below:

Thursday, August 30th Grade 12's (full and top lockers) - opens at noon

Saturday, September 1 Grade 11's (top and bottom lockers) - opens at 8:00am
Sunday, September 2 Grade 10's (top and bottom lockers) - opens at 8:00am
Friday, August 31 Grade 9's (bottom lockers) - opens at 8:00am
Grade 8 lockers have been reserved and will be assigned in homeroom.

Once you choose your locker, you will not be able to change it.  
Click on the link below the Gator for a WGSS locker map.