[WGSS Locker Map]

Welcome to the locker management system for Walnut Grove Secondary School.


User ID =  WGSS Student Number

Password = First letter of your first name and last name (example:  John Smith = JS) and your student number (i.e. JS12345)

NOTE: If you have outstanding library/textbooks or fees from previous school years, you must have this cleared before you will be able to select a locker. To check if you have outstanding fees, please sign-in to your School Cash online account (https://sd35.schoolcashonline.com/).

The online management system opens as per indicated below:

Friday, September 2 - Grade 12's (full and top lockers) - opens at 8:00am

Saturday, September 3 - Grade 11's (top lockers) - opens at 8:00am
Sunday, September 4 - Grade 10's (top and bottom lockers) - opens at 8:00am
Monday, September 5 - Grade 9's (top and bottom lockers) - opens at 8:00am
Grade 8 lockers have been reserved and will be assigned in homeroom.
Lockers are optional, if your student doesn't want a locker, do not select one.

Once you choose your locker, you will not be able to change it.  
Click on the link below the Gator for a WGSS locker map.